Barbados 2007 Whisky Wine Cask

The Barbados 2007 Whisky Wine Cask edition is from the world renowned Foursquare Rum Distillery in St. Phillip, Barbados. This all molasses, pot and column still rum was distilled in 2007 in Barbados and aged there for 11 years in ex-bourbon. The cask selected then spent 4 years in the UK in an ex-English whisky cask that had previously held red wine. This is a rare and delicious multi-year aging in a secondary cask.

Tasting notes

Sweet, yeasted bread, hot pepper, and fresh coconut on the nose transition to cinnamon, toasted coconut, stone fruit and vanilla on the palate. A hint of baking spice and toffee before a mineral finish.

58.5% ABV
750 ML