Trinidad 2012 11 Year

The Trinidad 2012 11 Year edition comes from two casks from the now defunct 10 Cane distillery in Trinidad. This all fresh cane juice, 100% pot still rum was distilled in 2012 in Trinidad. It aged in ex-cognac barrels in the tropics for 4 years, spent a further 6 years maturing in the UK in ex-bourbon casks, then spent one year more in New York state, also in ex-bourbon. Its journey has transformed the light mixing rum to a mature and layered taste profile. During the brand’s existence, there were several different 10 Cane formulations: The first was a pure cane juice, pot still version — The one chosen for this edition.

Tasting notes

Delicate floral notes on the nose, herbs and pepper on the tongue, vanilla custard and oak in the medium length finish.

59% ABV
700 ML